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International Student Programs

Johnny Said:

does being an international student increase chances of acceptance in graduate programs?

We Answered:

Most colleges consider the whole package. So, if your grades aren't so great then you do need to do outstanding in another area like your GRE scores, amazing letters of recommendation, lots of experience, etc.

Joann Said:

International student exchange programs?

We Answered:

AFS is a great organization, we hosted two students through this organziation and had really great success both student from Italy and one from Japan. Let me tell you one email to them and most likely you will get a prompt reply. Best advice I can give you is on the forms you fill out be honest!!!! The family looking for you will pick you by your hobbies, ethics etc they are looking for someone to fit with their family so be really honest about your likes, dislikes, habits. If you are not a morning person say so! Because there is going to be that one family out there just for you that likes to sleep in. Have fun and Good luck!

Jon Said:

Any idea about how much it cost international student exchanging programs?

We Answered:

According to the reports that I have read the cost varies by program, but approximately $5,000 for a high-school program.... maybe you would like to visit this forum for comments and experiences:…

Good luck to your son!

Dianne Said:

Does anyone know good student international programs?

We Answered:

If you are talking high school, the top three are AFS, YFU and Rotary Exchange. Rotary is the cheapest, but most competitive. The others also offer scholarships.…

Irene Said:

How to become an international student?

We Answered:

Easy, look into international programs in or around Alabama. work hard and save up for the airfare and Accommodation to get you going. Then once you get to Alabama, find a part time job and begin studies. If you want, you can also start looking into taking your naturalization test to become a permanent citizen. But you can travel abroad as an international student easily.

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These programs are very much expensive and some times students cannot afford them. According to me they just make things more good by elevating the best of the things over there.