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International Student Support

Louise Said:

Which Uk university can support for deaf international student?

We Answered:

From what I've heard, major cities like Washington DC or London are great places for deaf individuals. There are many schools for the deaf too.

USA has stronger economy. the UK rise in the pound is temporary.

Good Luck.

Mildred Said:

I file the child support in Florida but my x is international student?

We Answered:

Its not for you to prove his income or cash flow source. You just fillout what you can and let the courts determine this. They may just award you Floridas minimum and let him worry about how he pays for it. The courts want to make sure you have the financialmeans to raise your baby without getting help from the public especially if Dad is around and capable of supporting his child. They dont care how Dad gets it just as long as its paid every month and child support collection reaches around the world, so unless he wants to face jail time,he will pay it. The courts can also hold up his degree if they so desire til he starts support too. The legalsystem is on your side here. Good luck

Todd Said:

How long is the validity of an affidavit support issued for an international student in USA?

We Answered:

Though it may say that it is valid for the full course of study, it is generally smart to make sure to get a new copy every year. Most schools will require a new letter per scholastic year. If you're planning to leave the country and will need to go to an embassy, I'd definitely recommend a new letter.

Howard Said:

study hypnotherapy in Southern California. which schools support international student visa?

We Answered:

From what I have observed, you can use your international student visa (for sure) at one of these types of institutions in California:

Community College (2-year/Associate Degree/transferrable units to a 4-year)

California State University (aka CSU; 4-year/Bachelor's degree and graduate programs)

University of California (UC; 4-year/Bachelor's degree and graduate programs)

Antonio Said:

Is it possible to get full financial support as an international student?

We Answered:

Not sure you can get full financial aid (depends on the school you choose), but after getting all the scholarships you can try sites like these:……

One caveat: Most loan programs for international students want you to have a credit-worthy U.S. citizen as a cosigner.

They are *private* loan programs, without federal sponsorship or benefits.

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