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International Student Tours

Miguel Said:

international student in australia how can I get a tour visa to Japan?

We Answered:

Contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate-General in your state:…

Joy Said:

Question's about people to people student ambassadors program?

We Answered:

1) Of course the trips are worth it. you aren't just paying for the flight and hotels, you are paying for the experience of being with a group of people on a trip.
2) Yes you feel safe. You are watched by your leader. They check to see if they have everyone with them before they leave or go somewhere.
3)There is a few scholarships that you can apply for.
4) I Have been on one trip already. to Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand. It was the experience of a life time. We did many things together and it was so much fun!

Martha Said:

what are the advantages of university virtual tours?

We Answered:

One benefit that i've found is that you can see what the University looks like and the area without having to visit! This is handy especially if you live far away from the Uni you are looking at :)

Gertrude Said:

does a non-EU (Indian) citizen staying in UK on student visa require a tourist visa for France?

We Answered:

Yes. You will still need a visa to visit France because France requires Indian citizens to have a tourist visa. The UK student visa does not matter as it's separate.

Anne Said:

Am I Penn/Georgetown/Brown capable? (International, don't know the standards)?

We Answered:

You appear to be a student who can get into some top schools. If you like Georgetown which is a Jesuit university, also consider applying to Boston College and Holy Cross (30 miles west of BC), both of which are also run by the Jesuits. Boston College and College of the Holy Cross share a number of similarities. Both are competitive schools, ranked among the best Northeastern colleges by the Princeton Review. Both have beautiful campuses; acres of manicured green grass and gothic architecture. And, like Georgetown, both have an esteemed Catholic background, one that is particularly attractive to students seeking a liberal arts education informed by Jesuit tradition.
HC is 2800 students and small classes. BC is 9000 students. Both are Division 1 for sports like Georgetown.

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