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International Student Travel

Amber Said:

What are the costs (aside from travel) for an international student to go to an American university?

We Answered:

I was looking at that for a friend of mine. The school I was looking at said that person would need a US sponsor with $30,000 in the bank!! A lot of school websites have an international section with a pretty good breakdown. There is tuition costs, housing, food and insurance (plus spending money).

Megan Said:

Can US international student travel to Canada as a tourist?

We Answered:

You state the continent you were born in but not the passport you hold which determines the visa requirements. All passport holders of EU/EEA countries except Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Romania do not need a visa to travel to Canada as tourists. Citizen of Lithuania and Poland need to hold an e-passport to travel visa-free. Croatia, Gibraltar, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, and Vatican City are the only non-EU/EEA countries in Europe which can travel visa-free, all other Europeans need to get a Canadian temporary resident permit prior to travel.… ..… ..

To get back to the United States you will need to get your I-20 endorsed on page 3 stating that you are active student.… ..

Patrick Said:

international student travel to Cancun?

We Answered:

Your F-1 student visa for the U.S. has nothing to do with entering Mexico...they have no interest in that. Whether or not you need a visa to enter Mexico depends on your nationality. See list below to see if your home country is one whose citizens do not need a visa to go to Mexico. If you do need a visa, scroll further down to see list on consulates so you can go to the nearest one to apply for a visa.

Gwendolyn Said:

can international student who has travel visa enroll in public high school?

We Answered:

Are you suggesting that he would come by himself? If he is coming with his parents then the parents prove where they live and he can go to the local public school

Mabel Said:

What travel documents does an International student need to travel within Canada?

We Answered:

Well, you should replace your documentation for your study permit but to travel within Canada you will probably not need it. To fly within Canada you have to be able to prove who you are which, under Transport Canada regulations, you must have a valid piece of government issued photo ID which a passport is. For a complete list you can check the Transport Canada website (link below)

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