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International Student Volunteer Program

Antonio Said:

Are there any international volunteer programs?

We Answered:

It costs time, money and energy to send a volunteer overseas. So, volunteer organizations like the Peace Corps require candidates that have a skill that another country has asked for. 95% of the time that means a college degree. Other volunteer organizations -ones that will take people with no skills but good intentions - charge you money.

They have to; no one in their right mind would donate money to let bored college students have a little adventure overseas while doing something useful. If, say, a school in Peru needed painting, it would be 12 times as cheap to hire local painters as it would be to send you there to do it. Teaching math in that school is another matter; Peru might ned a math teacher and be short of math teachers willing to work in the hinterlands.

The Student Conservation Association will put you to work in a national park for the summer. All you pay for is food and air fare.

Todd Said:

International Volunteer?

We Answered:

The Hands On Network has some international volunteer center affiliates. They may be able to provide you with some information about the area in which you are interested:…

Lester Said:

international volunteer programs in Ghana, interested students or groups who wish to volunteer?

We Answered:

UN ( Offering more projects for volunteers )

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