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International Student Work

Phyllis Said:

Can an International student work in India while studying ?

We Answered:

I really dont know the answer. All I can say is as an international student you will have to pay tuition just like anyother country charges for international students ( fees, housing and other miscellaneous). Because India is a poor country we dont have high expectations from the rich countries, in fact we go out of our way to make their stay comfortable, and pleasurable. Its considered a honour to have a guest come home, thats India's culture, thats the country I was born, and will return to eventually.

Ross Said:

Can an international student work while in school?

We Answered:

It depends on your visa. I don't know about England, but when I was studying abroad in France, I could have gotten a job on the student visa if I wanted to. My friend was on a student visa in England and she was looking for jobs, so I assume you can.

Robin Said:

Can International Student Work And Study In United States?

We Answered:

College in the states is like 30000 dollars a month.. unless you have a stash of money somewhere, i don't think that any kind of small jobs would do...

Ray Said:

Can an international student work in the US after his studies?

We Answered:

Yes, you can apply an OPT (Optional Practical Training) which is a one year work permit for all student after they graduated from a US college/University. During that one year OPT period, you can look for a company to sponsor you and change your visa status either H1-B or apply for a green card. In most cases, company will sponsor an H1-B visa since the process is a lot less complicated than green card process. H1-B takes about couple months to get approved while green card may takes up to several years depends on your degree, major, nationality and many other variance. if you luckily find a company that is willing to sponsor you a green card (assuming you have a master degree), the soonest that you can get your green card is less than 2 years. good luck.

Martha Said:

How many hours per week can an international student work in Germany?

We Answered:

Not more than 20 hours

Joy Said:

Where can an Accounting major international student work?

We Answered:

Call up local accounting firms and see if they will interview you for an OPT position. There are lots of small accounting firms. However, a 2 year accounting degree is not held in much esteem and if you get work it will be basic data entry for a year at least for not much more than minimum wage.

You need a 4 year degree to do the real accounting work.

Regina Said:

is there any chance for international student work in chicago as a bartender???

We Answered:

You need to find a restaurant that hires illegals (really).
Some places will hire a hot foreign guy even if they have no experience, just because they are hot and have an accent. Women like hot guys with accents.

When you're interviewing, just let the interviewer know you don't have sponsorship to work in the country. Some will either turn you away, sponsor you or not care.

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