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International Students Australia

Beverly Said:

How much is the average living cost in Canberra for international students (Australia?)?

We Answered:

around 700 - 1000 $ (Austrian dollar)

yes' you can work part time to cover it

Jenny Said:

Can international students find work in Australia? If there's anyone of u out there, give your experience pls?

We Answered:


As an ex-international student, my experience had been varies. I worked as a house/office cleaner, newspaper sorter, junkmail delivery and data entry. I have not been working as waiter b'cos I can't speak Chinese. The best paid was the newspaper sorter and data entry b'cos it was paid with hourly rate.

Just dun forget to apply for your work permit and good luck :)

Jacob Said:

Which is the best place for international students, Australia or New zealand?

We Answered:

Australia, more opportunity, bigger range of courses and universities.

Cost of living would be pretty much on par, study and course fees is the same.

You would find more availability of part-time work in Australia, particularly if you choose Sydney or Melbourne.

Be aware that as an international student you need to pay full fee and in advance, it is quite an expensive outlay, be sure you can afford it.

Loretta Said:

What is it like for international students in Australia?

We Answered:

last year i spent 6 months in australia and they were the absolute best 6 months of my entire like.

i went as an international student from america to a really small town in New South Wales. I didn't go with any other friends from my school from home, and i was soooooo nervous when i first left.

but australia is absolutely beautiful,! it may take you a week, or even two, but as long as you are open to embracing the culture and the people they will embrace you as well. i cried for week after i left becasue i missed all the friend i had made.

go to australia, enjoy the alcohol, take in the beauty of a country that is so absolutely stunning, but most of all enjoy the people because they are the kindest and funniest people i have ever met!

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