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International Students College

Charlie Said:

How do international college students earn money?

We Answered:

It depends what country you come from. If you check with your international student advisor, Mexican students get the least options. I was an international student, and never got a job. Depending on what country you are from, you might be able to get a permit to just go and get a job anywhere you want, the mall, walmart, burger king. But if you are Mexican in the state of Texas, you are screwed. You can only work on campus, but it's not easy. The state of Texas pays the school half of the wages of the students working on campus, so any school deparment the library, computer labs, tutoring will have to spend twice on a Mexican international student than on a regular student. If you do get a job, you have convice them to wait for you. Mexicans international students also have to wait the longest of waiting period, like 3-6 months to get the permit after they were able to get a job on campus.

If you are from anywhere not from Mexico, and not from Texas, I don't think you could possibly have as much of a hard time getting a job as a Mexican international student.

Leonard Said:

How do international students afford college?

We Answered:

The government of India, for example, pays totally for the education of their brightest in exchange for a specified amount of work back in India.

And it's not that out of state tuition is high, it's that in-state students who pay taxes and whose parents pay taxes in that state get a break by the state for being good residents.

The tuition at UCLA rises to still LESS than the Tuition to USC or Stanford, but comporable to private University tuitions.

All the private schools are in the 35-50K US$ ranking.

Massachuesettes students don't get any break at Harvard that someone from Arizona don't get, too!

Deborah Said:

Which cities in China do most Chinese international college students come from?

We Answered:

I've met students from Wuhan, Tianjin and Shenzhen who study abroad.

Laura Said:

How do international students submit their college applications?

We Answered:

To what country? In the US, any international student can apply on line on the school's web site.

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