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International Students Exchange Program

Valerie Said:

Which is better - going on a international student exchange program or a summer studies program?

We Answered:

I would say the full year abroad.

I've talked to many exchange students who have done both. And the summer ones I've talked to wish they had stayed longer.


With any exchange comes change.. lots of change. And slowly you pick up the language and become more fluent and understand their culture. With the summer program, you only get 3 months. With only that much time, you barely get enough time to get fully imersed. It's like only getting your toe in the nice lake on a hot day. If you want the experience, dive in and enjoy yourself.

Also, when you go abroad, you would naturally want to make friends. When you go for a year, you go to school and so forht and have the opportunity to do so. But during Summer, it's more likely that the people are on vacation or you just can't make the connections.

Good luck in deciding...

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