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International Students Exchange

Tracy Said:

How much does one get paid to sponsor foreign international exchange students?

We Answered:

Donna, this is beginning to sound like a rant against an ex-wife to me! Especially since I already answered this question once! For high school foreign exchange students you do NOT get paid to host. They are NOT required to have their own room, just their own bed. And, if you are so sure, I even gave you the organization you can turn to.

Rita Said:

Can college students be international exchange students?

We Answered:

yes you i can i go to nyc and i lived in italia for 4 mo.s good times over there just go see if your school has a program to do so

Craig Said:

Since there is International Students Exchange, can we have International Imams Exchange?

We Answered:

Im all for it, it will certainly broaden their Horizons and hopefully remove some of them's pope-like mentality that they only know it all. Also it will hopefully be a means of finally reconciling sectarian divides in our Ummah and in this way we can achieve unity

Elmer Said:

What are some fun things to do with exchange students?

We Answered:

make them go to a shopkeepr and say hey u ugly ***** and they will think its hey can i have a bar of choclate

Barbara Said:

What happen if foreign exchange/international students get an underage drinking?

We Answered:

The other answer was pretty well on target.

Frankly, we've had students sent home for less. If you are a high school student, your representative will report you to the national office. In the meantime, your case would be going through the court system.

If you are VERY LUCKY, the court will drop the case if you go home. If you are not so lucky, the court will continue the case.

Here's the bad thing -- get any sort of criminal record in the U.S. and you never come back. You will NEVER be able to get another visa.

So, is it worth it? Your parents probably forked over $10,000 plus, and none of that will be refunded. In fact, they may have to pay EXTRA fees to get your airline ticket changed to go back. If you are European, your school probably will not let you back in for the year either, so you'll still lose the year.

The obvious answer is simple -- don't drink, don't drive, obey the law and have a great year

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