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International Students Financial Aid

Tara Said:

What are the six colleges nationwide that offer full-need financial aid to international students?

We Answered:

I believe that every Ivy League school offers need based financial aid to international students. You can check out each of the Ivies web sites to confirm. You can also get information at

Good luck!

Carla Said:

Which US Universities Offer financial aid to International Students?

We Answered:

This site may help you

Free College information on financial aid for students and more.

Randall Said:

Which US universities offer need-based financial aid to international students?

We Answered:

Many schools do. My Canadian daughter went to Chatham in Pittsburgh and she received $9500 in aid from the school for each year.

For grad school, she applied at 5 schools and was accepted at 4. One offered a full ride but too late. One offered nothing. One offered a GA but not until it was too late. The last one, offered a GA after the first semester with a tuition waver and a stipend for living expenses. She took that one.

And now it looks like she will get a fellowship for hr doctorate.

Just apply where you want and ask them.

Kristin Said:

Where to get financial aid for international graduate students if university doesn't provide it?

We Answered:

Here is a site with the little informatino that is available. It is nearly impossible for a foreign national to get financial aid in the USA:

Marian Said:

What university offer best financial aid for international students?

We Answered:

i try to write the answers your problem in my blog you can see any problem in my blog.

Nancy Said:

Where on the net can I look for financial aid for international students going to international schools?

We Answered:

It can be hard really. I've done it though.

Also, a good place to check is...

Best of luck to you.

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