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International Students In Canada

Tyrone Said:

international students in canada - visitor visa to britain?

We Answered:

All you need to know can be found by clicking the link below.

Thomas Said:

are international students in canada regarded as residents for contest purposes?

We Answered:

No. International students remain legally resident in their country of citizenship. A student visa is temporary and doe not grant any rights of residence.

For that matter, any Canadian student is legally resident in their home province -- where their parents live -- not where they go to school.

If you win anything, you will cannot get the prize because you are not a resident, thus disqualified. If you try this again, you are guilty of fraud and could face criminal charges.

Laura Said:

How do i apply for an off-campus work permit for international students in Canada?

We Answered:…
working off campus details…
how to apply…
you can now apply ONLINE and do not need to use the forms…
who is ELIGIBLE to work off campus…
details on what you need to apply…
THIS IS THE PDF FORM you want (if you dont apply online)

Nina Said:

Can international students in canada be able to go on business trips outside canada for the company?

We Answered:

If you are in Canada under a student authorization, that is your visa into Canada.
It means that you're a registered student at a Canadian university/college.

You are allowed to apply for a job now, outside of campus. You are also allowed to leave and re-enter Canada as long as your student visa is still valid when you return. The only problem that might come up is whether you need a visa to enter countries that you have to travel to for work. THOSE countries might require you to have a visa to enter, so it might be a bit of a hassle.

In any case, check out for more info on Canada's immigration system.

Julia Said:

Where jon is available for international students in Canada?

We Answered:

hello. min wage is like $7.. go to for salaries

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