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International Students In New Zealand

Tracy Said:

how much a international student can earn in new zealand ?

We Answered:

Check here

Andrea Said:

Can international students buy house in New Zealand?

We Answered:

Yes!!! With money or credit card!!

Alfred Said:

Is there any college in New Zealand where international students can get admission without IELTS?

We Answered:

I don't think so becouse you must approve that you have the ability to comunicate in english is there any other way you can prove this instead of taking the english exams like IELTS or TOEFL?

Billie Said:

How does an American obtain detailed information on becoming an international student? New Zealand maybe?

We Answered:

I am an American who obtained my Masters Degree in England. You need to conduct much research about your intended country.

Each country has their own rules about who may come to study, as well as any visa requirements for families. (Spouse and children). Unless you have been living together at the same residence for at least two years, you may not be able to apply for a family visa since you are not married.

You may need to consider leaving the pets at home with family and friends, as most countries will require any pet to remain in quarantine for a period of time - which can be months.

Additionally, oftentimes there are financial requirements showing you have a certain amount of money saved in order to obtain a student visa to another country. You need to understand all of this, and also must be accepted to a University prior to applying for loans and grants.

Check out the website below, it is targeted to potential international students.

Also your boyfriend should contact the university he is interested in studying at for more information.

Good luck.

Mike Said:

Is it easy for international students to find part time jobs in New zealand?

We Answered:

Yes, heaps of my international friends had jobs. As long as you're not expecting anything with super high pay or glamorous, you'll find one easy.

There will always be jobs in fast food, retail, hospitality etc. If you speak another language (especially Asian languages or German) you can get good jobs in tourism.

If you don't need the money straight away, look for work experience (even if its voluntary or temporary) in businesses relating to your degree, then you get a good chance of them hiring you in future (or even hiring you after your degree, if you decide you want to stay here. This happened to a Japanese friend of mine)

Herman Said:

Can I travel Australia with my New Zealand visa ?

We Answered:

You will need an Australian visa to visit Australia. Australia certainly doesn't require you to stay in NZ for 6 months before you apply but that may be a condition of your student visa. I don't know much about NZ student visas and can't say if that's the case.

A subclass 676 Tourist visa is the one you need:…

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