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Geraldine Said:

"Yahoo! lottery promos," ?

We Answered:

This is a scam thousands of these emails are sent every day
DO NOT send any cash or bank details click the link below
to see what yahoo say about this…

Laurie Said:

I have questions about Delta Sigma Theta Sorority inc.,?

We Answered:

Hi there,

If you have family members who are active members of DST, I think the BEST advice I can give you is to reach out to them oppose to asking on the internet. Normally I answer questions for people who are either brand new Greek life and prior to college was never expose to it, and/or do not have any connection to the Greek community at all. You however do have a connection and I am sure you will feel comfortable confiding in them oppose to people you do not know (Just a food for thought).

However since you are asking, and to answer your question Yes/No, having family members that are a part of both organization can help you as well as not help you. Confusing? Let me break it down for you.

Yes - Greek members can answer "basic" informational questions for you. This is a plus considering there are prospective members out there that don't have this advantage. They can aid you as far the do's and don't when attending Rush, how to show your interests, what is expected, etc. Some family members will also be willing to share some of their experiences.

No - Please don't fall into the belief that having family members that are active in the organization that you want to join will guarantee you a spot in becoming a member. This is NOT the case ESPECIALLY in Delta. You will have to go through the exact same process as prospective members who do NOT have family/close friends that are members of the organization of your choice.

I hope this answers your question, and if you would like to know more about Greek-Life in general, please sign up and follow me on my blog at

Good luck to you!

Tracy Said:

Do you believe offering illegals in state tuition is unfair to American citizens who apply?

We Answered:

It is unfair and it is a violation of federal immigration law (aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a crime). Why should the taxpayers of any state have to subsidize the education of illegal aliens who cannot legally work in the USA? What is the point of that? We should be deporting more illegal aliens during this recession.

Holly Said:

Transfer Chances to Harvard & Stanford?

We Answered:

Since neither Stanford nor Harvard have an undergraduate business school, your probability of going there for an undergraduate business degree is zero.

You are certainly qualified to study at Harvard or Stanford -- but being qualified is not nearly good enough.

Harvard only accepts about 35 undergraduate transfer students per year (with hundreds of applicants) -- so even if you wanted to change majors, your chances of getting in are minimal. Transferring to Stanford is almost as difficult.

The thing you should be thinking about is why you want to transfer. Berkeley has the third highest rated undergraduate business school in the US. Only Wharton and MIT are ranked higher. If you want a degree in business, you ought to stay where you are.

Jeff Said:

Accounting Question...?

We Answered:

(a) Heath owns < 20% of Van Fashion. You apply the cost method when accounting for investments.
Mar. 18
Stock investments(Dr) $390,000 (not $39,000)
Cash(Cr) $390,000

June 30
Cash(Dr) 9000
Dividend income (Cr) 9000

Dec. 31
Dr Stock investments $60,000 (30,000 shares x $15 minus $390k)
Cr AFS Reserve (within equity) $60,000
Available-for-sale financial assets (AFS) are any non-derivative financial assets designated on initial recognition as available for sale. AFS assets are measured at fair value in the balance sheet. Fair value changes on AFS assets are recognised directly in equity, through the statement of changes in equity

(b) Yoder owns between 20 and 50% of Parks. You have to use the equity method.
Jan. 1 Correct

June 15 Correct

Dec. 31 Correct

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