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International Students Job

Ellen Said:

How are part time job oppurtunities in Lithunia for international students?

We Answered:

Alright i guess?

Neil Said:

give the list of MNC'S in india which give jobs to MBA passed students and give international job opportunity?

We Answered:

you are an MBA prove it by doing it yourself

Dianne Said:

International students do realise their chances of getting a job are low, right?

We Answered:

No, they don't, but if you have done your research you will know that their chances of obtaining work in the educated fields are even lower at home. There was a recent article about this in Newsweek, the new class of educated Chinese that live in something resembling slums and are virtually all employed. But English is the common denominator here, where else are you going to go besides the overcrowd, over-educated markets? I have spoken with a lot of students from India, and none of them have any idea how bad the economic situation is in America, for example, I know that Europe is having some problems as well, though I am not sure about Australia. I think that everyone wants to believe in a land of opportunity.

Bernice Said:

Why cant graduate International Students get a professional job according to their career?

We Answered:

An international student studying in the US? Because your I-20 education visa isn't interchangeable with a work visa.

Sue Said:

What are some good job ideas for International students in America?

We Answered:

when you file for your FAFSA, you should apply for federal work study. you get a grant of max 4000 and are technically guaranteed a job anywhere in the school.
if not, you can try applying for a regular job at the school itself.

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I am not much informed about Lithunia but reading about it from here leaves me with a bit more knowledge about it. It is nice to know that it has so many opportunities. Also, it is commendable, what you are doing for students like these, helping them out with their queries!