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International Students Jobs

Joy Said:

Do International Students find partime odd jobs easily in Amsterdam ?

We Answered:

Well frankly speaking (as an ex-student advisor on a Uni for International students) then you have two issues here.

Firstly you will be issued a student visa and a residence permit by the IND and there are conditions to this permit, and one of them is that you work no more than 10 hours. If you are working legally then you will be registered, pay tax and of course the amount of hours are logged so it's very easy to detect that you are working more! If you work illegally then (a) it's incredibly difficult to find illegal work nowadays anyway and (b) you are practically signing a death warrant for you studies and the permit will be revoked by the IND and that will be the end of your studies

You can see this confirmed also by the VU site (the one I gave you yesterday:…
"Please note that the Dutch government has become more strict in checking whether students ignore these rules. The Immigration services and the labour inspectorate are working together more closely. If you are found working more than 10 hours a week or working without a work permit while you need one, your residence permit can be withdrawn"

The second issue is that the Univerisity itself have a vested interest in making sure your focus is on your studies and not working. I remember we had to call in several students who were thought to be exceeding the 10 hours deadline, and although the IND were not informed, there was a supervision of the students concerned and an assurance that they would stick to this limit and the focus was on the studies and not working

For finding a job in Amsterdam then it is not going to be easy no, but it depends how hard you want to work for it. There are job agencies (uitzendburo) who specialise in student positons. Also it is often the case where if you walk around the bars, cafe's etc where a lot of tourists frequent, that you will have some chance - bit of course you are in competition with Dutch domestic students who also speak English and Dutch. So I would not say it's easy, but it depends on you.

As for the wage, well for the basic jobs you can expect a basic wage of course and this will likely be minimum wage or slightly above if you are lucky. You can see the pay per hour here… in the row "23 jaar of ouder" in your case, and this is a gross amount (before tax)

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