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International Students Medical Insurance

Tyrone Said:

Travel & Medical Insurance for International Students travelling to USA (short-term basis)?

We Answered:

I know one Insurance company named Royalsundaram General Insurance .They are providing Travel Insurance policies at cheaper rates.
I thin they can surely help you with this matter .

Rachel Said:

What medical insurance is going to cover that?

We Answered: - here is my health insurance plan. As I remember they can provide such a service.

Vicki Said:

International students / expatriates in Taiwan, your advice please?

We Answered:

I recommend you to go to your local Taiwan cultural and economic office or embassy. They will give you the best answer. By the way , here you have a web page
it might help you.
good luck~!

Andy Said:

Where can I buy the medical insurance in the United Kingdom?

We Answered:

Priscilla Said:

can my sympton be called OCD? How much does it cost to see a psychologist at UCLA psychological clinic?

We Answered:

It sounds very much like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. One of the key components for diagnosis is the intrusive thoughts that keep you from focusing on anything else. Those thoughts are the "Obsessive" part of the disorder. The compulsion is the ritual you perform to quiet the obsessive thoughts & make yourself feel better.

Your door habit has a fairly obvious name. It's called Checking! lol Checkers cannot focus on anything else until they relieve their need to "check" the door (or the windows, the stove, the iron, etc.) and usually one "check" will not satisfy because then you wonder if you "checked" good enough - so you repeat the ritual over & over & over. Stress makes the condition worse until you could be spending literally hours "checking" things in an effort to quiet the constant barrage of intrusive thoughts. You can definitely become a prisoner of it & become socially isolated. :-(

Your student health center includes a department for mental health & usually only charges a small fee - or a sliding scale fee depending on what you can afford. OCD can be very difficult to treat so you need to realize that this will have to be a real commitment to getting well. It's scary, but it's also much MUCH better than living with the obsessive thoughts & compulsions. I hope you explore the mental health options available to you so you can stop torturing yourself and enjoy your life!

~ Good Luck! ~

Irene Said:

Can an International Student Claim Taxes?

We Answered:

If your scholarships are used for more than tuition like room and board, that portion is taxable. If the amount that is taxable is more than $3400, then you have a filing requirement because you could OWE taxes.

At best you do not need to file; at worst, you owe.

Victoria Said:

insurance, physicians bill and hospital bill?

We Answered:

The $50 hospital bill is an average ER co-pay. As for the doctors, one possibility is that they sent you a statement of charges but that it wasn't a bill. Another possibility is the doctors hadn't received anything from the insurance company within a certain period of time so they decided to bill you. The insurance then paid so they sent your money back.

Sometimes the payments are just slow in coming.

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