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International Students Statistics

Christina Said:

How are Quantitative or Statistics courses for International Affairs, Policy or Social Sciences students?

We Answered:

I have a friend in International Studies whose stats class was comparable to mine in the social sciences. If you had stats in undergrad you have nothing to worry about. If not it might be a little difficult. The most advanced topics we covered were ANOVAs and Chi squared tests. There was also a strong SPSS (statistical computer program) component. I did not have a problem in my Master's class because I'm good at stats and did it in undergrad, I know others with less math experience who are struggling.

Best of luck!

Bertha Said:

Why does Quebec charge out of province students higher tuition?

We Answered:

About the french speaking country, I think you are talking about the deal that was made between the government of Québec and France. This was made to encourage francophones students to go study abroad. Their is not as many opportunities for a francophones to study abroad as their is not as many good french universities in the world that their is English university.

By the way, a Québec resident also as the opportunity to go study in France and pay the same fees as a France native would. Its a two way deal. I have a couple of friends who actually went to do their university to La Sorbone (France...).
They enjoyed their experience a lot :)

Income tax are higher in Québec. We get to be tax on both Federal AND Provincial level. I always heard that we where the most taxed in north America...
Maybe that would be a path to your answer why we dont want to share our low price education ? But this is just an hypotheses.... Nothing to take for sure...

I understand your point that Québecois can go study anywhere else for the same price but you have to consider also that Québec as a society made the choice to inject EXTRA money in there education. The province is injecting way more money in education then the other provinces (this is a fact...).
Take in consideration also that even paying extra out-of-province fees the student would end up paying pretty much the same thing as he would pay in is province of origin as the rate that he would get charge is really similar to the Canadian average... Its not as if they would get charge an insane amount...

Also, MAYBE it is because otherwise everyone from Canada would end up studying in Québec because it is so much cheaper and that the Québec population would be assuming a lot of money in education. Québec (and Montréal...) is also known for having a cost of living way cheaper then Ontario BC and Alberta (cheaper public transportatio, cheaper rent by a lot etc...) One can easily figure that all those people would come enjoy cheap education if they could pay the same price as us and enjoy the cheap cost of living here....

Either way, I know there is a lot of people from the other provinces who still end up studying in Québec because I have tones of friends that are form outside Québec studying with me at McGill. And trust me they find they still save lot of money compare to living in BC or Toronto where life is way more expensive...

Sarah Said:

Which college is much better for international student?

We Answered:

Beware of "international" college and "international" scholarship. In most instances they are cover-up for far-leftist organizations and they use course's subject as a mean of spreading far-leftist discourses or anything likely to support it one way or another (helping the poors in Third world countries, saving animals and flora, fighting wild capitalism and corporations, etc). Look carefully at those colleges and universities and about their founders, people who work in and for it, relationship with other companies and universities, foreign countries, ect. You'll find a lot of answer just with Internet and a bit of patience and perseverance. And in some instances, you'll be surprised!

In the end, those universities I'm making allusion to will mangage to find a job for you, somewhere in the world, but don't expect a great career and a good salary.

Alberto Said:

Is global ression changed previous statistics?

We Answered:

I'm sure it has. Disruptions of any kind do.

Herman Said:

What are my Harvard, cornell, northwestern, uchicago, upenn transfer chances !?

We Answered:

Harvard's acceptance rate for transfer students is lower so it'll be harder to get in than if you applied directly from high school. If you're applying to these top schools I hope you're already coming from another top school and not a community college. You'll also need a good reason why you need to transfer to a place like Harvard. Do they have a major that you need and can't find anywhere else? You'll also be facing a much more diverse and stronger applicant pool as a transfer student.

> One of the 13 brilliant european students
I hope you're joking.

Go over to and do a search, I'm sure this subject has been beaten to death over there. You'll get much better advice there than you ever could here.

Mitchell Said:

How to find proportion p-hat, expected value and standard error?

We Answered:

The standard error of the proportion is

?[p(1-p) / n ] = ?[0.7(1-0.7) / 50 ] = 0.0648

z? = (0.65 - 0.70) / 0.0648 = -0.7716

z? = (0.75 - 0.70) / 0.0648 = 0.7716

P(-0.7716 < z < 0.7716) ? 0.56 <==Answer.

The expected value is

50(0.70) = 35

The standard deviation is

?[n·p(1-p)] = ?[50·0.7(1-0.7)] = 3.24


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