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International Students Studying In The Uk

Eduardo Said:

can an INTERNATIONAL student studying in the uk get a drivers licence?

We Answered:

Yes you can take the test and apply for a British licence as long as you have a UK address.

Google DVLA… to see which countries are allowed to do a straight exchange and which require a new road test if you have an existing licence.

Cathy Said:

uk international student studying in london on a student visa?

We Answered:

If you do not attend in your second year, your Uni will report you to UKBA. It's a condition of their licence to offer courses to overseas students. As you are probably aware there has been a real crack down on bogus students and colleges this year and these new reporting duties are part of it. International student fees are a very nice gravy train for the education providers and they won't risk losing their licence through not keeping tabs on their students now.

So yes, if you do not go home, you will be deported and that will mean a 10 year ban, not just from the UK but from any EU country.

You will be alright working up to the start of term or up to when you have to pay your fees for your second year, whichever is sooner, but you should not work beyond that. BTW you can work full time during the holidays, you are only limited to 20 hours per week during term time.

Taking a break from your studies for a year should not jeopardise your chances of a visa later on to resume your studies. May students are having to do this as a result of the economic situation. Make sure you document your decision and the reasons by writing to your Uni and to UKBA quoting your reference and keep copies yourself to submit with your new application. That way, it will all be on file and should not cause you a problem.

Please don't risk staying in the UK on a student visa if you are not studying. You will be reported and the consequences are just not worth it.

Emma Said:

I am an international student studying in the UK and I have a driver's licence from my own country.?

We Answered:

The first question I need to know the answer to is where are you from? If you're from within the EU, your EU licence is fully valid in the UK and you only need to change it if you haven't got a home in your native country or you intend to live permanently in the UK.

If you're not from the EU or EEA, you maybe a citizen of one of the countries with which the UK has a reciprocal agreement on driving licences. The list of countries is quite strange, including some you wouldn't expect and excluding others that you might think would be on it.

If you're from any other country, your licence is valid in the UK for one year from your date of entry.

To get an International Licence, you have to go to the equivalent of the AA in your country. I believe that they can only be issued in the same country as the national driving licence for which it is being issued.

If you still wish to obtain a UK licence and you're from the EU or one of the exempted countries, I believe that you can get a form from the Post Office. If you're from outside these countries and plan to stay over a year, you need to take a UK test to continue driving.

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