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International Students Tax Return

Kim Said:

Do international students need to pay tax on purchases in the U.S. ?

We Answered:

1. Certain taxes must be collecting on all sales of a product for use in the state where it is purchased. If you have them ship it directly to your home in a foreign country, you might be able to avoid taxes.

2. You are receiving benefit from the government. For example, the roads that you used to get to the college were built and maintained by the government, which also subsidizes the college and provides a police department so to discourage robbers from entering the place where you "buy stuffs" and shooting you there... In fact, you may be receiving more benefit than most U.S. citizens, in that you are allowed to use the libraries, roads, highways, airports, etc., and most U.S. citizens are not using the college.

Tammy Said:

Should F1 International Students file a tax return?

We Answered:

If the total is more than $3400, she needs to file.

The $3400 includes any portion of scholarships that are taxable (the amount not used for tuition).

If her income is less than $3400, she'd get her withholding back by filing a 1040NR-EZ. (This assumes she's been here less than 5 years.)

You didn't mention which country--some countries have an exempt income amount under the tax treaty.

Melvin Said:

How to return tax for international students?

We Answered:

The tax you are referring to is a sales tax and that is imposed by the state regardless of you status in the US. If you have earned income while in the US you will be exempt from some taxes such as Social Security and Medicare.

Sam Said:

Are international students who have paid federal income tax, eligible for 2008 tax rebate?

We Answered:

Citizenship has nothing to do with taxes. The IRS taxes everyone with taxable income in the United States. Since you meet the income qualifications for your 2007 taxes, you will be eligible for the tax rebate.

Don't spend it yet though, since Congress has not enacted anything and all details are subject to change as the package works its way through the system.

Kimberly Said:

How do international students file tax return in the US?

We Answered:

Just like US citizens. Go to your nearest IRS office if one in your town and talk to them. Also go the post office where they have returns to pick up for free. In one of the books they will have a toll free number.

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