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International Study Programs

Priscilla Said:

What colleges offer the best study abroad program? Best International Affairs major?

We Answered:

im interested to

Doris Said:

How can I raise $10,000 for a international study program for highschoolers in about 3 months?

We Answered:

For a 3 months international program, you need to understand what you would be studying to be transferable back to your own high school in which country? And or toward which College/University you intend to apply for after your High School Diploma....

If your family is not poor, and you do have up to $10K to "invest in some international study", why not have it be paid off & pursue an accelerated International High School diploma certification at an earlier age as young as 16 and is US-based and transferable to a US College?

If you want to test-drive, try to register with a US on-Profit org with a 501C.3 that has a successful US grant with authority to select international students from abroad & representative of various countries & try to apply and justify how the grant would mutuallybenefit both countries, then you may be invited for an initial application/interview process if you qualify...USually this grant for int'l high school students are in 3-weeks to 4 week duration over Summer time...& some kind of cultural &/or leadership/academics exchange.... As this duration will evoke only a tourist B1 Visa...
If this is of further interest, please be specific your questions and openness to options, if applicable.

All the Best to you,

Cynthia Said:

what colleges/universities are there with great international studies programs?

We Answered:

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Excellent university; consistently one of the top public universities. While it is not on the east coast, there is a disproportionately large population of east coast students- mostly from New York and New Jersey.

The International Studies program there is outstanding, and the campus itself is as nice as any around. I would check it out.

UW is quite competitive in terms of admission as well.

Eleanor Said:

Questions about majoring in International studies, Biomedical Science and Psychology?

We Answered:

i'm transferring to a university in the fall with a 3.78
i've just been accepted into 2 of the cal state universities and 2 of univ of calif
i'm getting 2 AA's, one in letters arts and science, one in math and science
i've applied for a psych or biopsych major

the experience so far has been great because i love learning
but how do i know what i'm going to like (research, counseling, experimentation, cognitive) until i actually start doing it?
you're best off to just take the general education and decide as you go
learn by doing
that's my best advice
good luck to you
hope you enjoy the ride

Hugh Said:

does anyone know of a good university in florida to go to for International studies?

We Answered:

Try Miami and FSU…

Amy Said:

Where should I go to get a major in international studies?

We Answered:

University of Washington is an excellent all-around campus. It's large enough to have lots of programs and is a center of excellence for many majors. You might also consider the University of Hawaii if you are interested in Asia and the Pacific. We (I live in HI) have excellent programs in Asia Studies and the appropriate language classes. There are also great summer programs if you attend elsewhere. A broad IS program is not as effective as one that focuses on a particular area and have 1-2 languages to go along with it.

Pamela Said:

What grad school offers the best international studies program?

We Answered:

Georgetown :D

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