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Internship In Australia For International Students

Everett Said:

Do international graduates get priorty for NSW Internship Placements?

We Answered:

Not true.... that's what the government says, but I recon that some international students got priority over me, but I am paranoid over everything!

Henry Said:

I want to do MBA in Columbia University....?

We Answered:

GPA: At least a 3.0, but how far above depends on your major (if you were an engineer or did a lot of quantitative courses, you'll get more slack) and whether you can compensate in other areas.

GMAT: 700 or higher, with a quantitative section score in at least the 80th percentile. Again, you can compensate if you're a little below that (Columbia's median range starts at about 660), but because it's a lot easier to go back and improve your score than your transcript, you generally get less leeway.

Work Experience: The average MBA student has 5 years of post-bachelors' work experience. Columbia doesn't seem to have any formal requirements that you not apply straight out of school, but the people who get accepted before spending much time in the workforce tend to have successful start-ups to their credit or have worked in the family business from a young age. Contrary to Joey's advice, you're also going to want professional recommendations, so the better your bosses know you, the stronger those will be.

Jesse Said:

Can I get into a top MBA program?

We Answered:

I think you stand a good chance. My son got into a top MBA program, and his GMATs and GPAs weren't as good as yours. However, he had two years' related work experience. You have to show that your part-time and other experience, including leadership experience, will more than make up for your lack of full-time work experience. Focus on your accomplishments, e.g., you were president of a charitable club, and under your leadership, the club raised 20% more for charity than last year; as the rep of the non-English speaking students, you initiated and successfully implmented an orientation program for student spouses so that they became more fruitfully engaged in student life, benefiting both them and the university community. Show that you're a leader and a good team member, including of multi-cultural teams.

Use your non-native English speakinig background as an asset, because good universities (and people) value diversity -- different cultures help natives see and question things from different viewpoints, which helps everybody. Similarly, it'd help if you were a woman, because in this male-dominated world, becoming a leader in spite of your gender would indicate to the school that you're really something.

Ryan Said:

attractive resume or what?

We Answered:

First before you pursue any job you'll need to spice up that resume, have you done any volunteer work? How about joined clubs at school or sports? Another great idea is to add your objective, what you hope to get out of the place you're applying too. Also to make it longer list your high school and any classes there that will help with your future job. Add that you are able to use the internet, microsoft office, etc. Some of my friends add Key Competencies (things they are good at) like team player, self motivated, organized. Do you have any certificates? Maybe an award you received at school. you can list those as well. College was work! List all your accomplishments. Four years was a long time to do something! Good Luck!

Leslie Said:

Im highly ambitious and wanting to get into a top MBA program?

We Answered:

Sorry, it really doesn't matter how ambitious you are or how many internships you've had. Business schools want real, full-time work experience. In fact, almost all business school applications have a section entitled "full time work experience," in which you would fill in nothing.

Top business schools not only require at least a few years of work experience, but also require that some of those years have been spent in LEADERSHIP positions. So, if you don't have work experience - let alone leadership experience in the workforce - your chances are slim to none.

Take you ambitious drive and apply it to getting a good job, working hard, and getting promoted to a leadership position. That is the best thing you can do for yourself right now.

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