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Internship In Uk For International Students

Paula Said:

Good Australian Graduate Companies?

We Answered:

Its not so much the visa, its the timing - our internships (where available) run during OUR summer break (December/February) not during semester itself (which is when June/Sept is).

Brandy Said:

this is my aim and present situation... help?

We Answered:

To be successful in the export market, its my understanding that knowledge of the world economy would help. You would probably do better if you were to understand what foreign markets expect from suppliers in India.

Perhaps its not just cheap prices they are interested in, but quality as well. Perhaps environment-friendly companies like to deal with 'green' suppliers, since the world is growing increasingly conscious about climate change. Perhaps they don't want any toxic chemicals in the products they are importing. Which is the reason why they re doing business with Indian suppliers and not Chinese companies. All these would perhaps be better understood with some international exposure.

"disadvantage is u might get over exposed for current Indian market and later have to come down to understand it...
next is u ll be studying the local companies over there which u might not be familiar with.."

1. Well, you plan to come back eventually to take over your dad's business, don't you?

2. Thats precisely the point, to introduce you to global markets, HR practices, work ethics, reporting and accounting standards et all which have ensured the international proliferation of US companies across the globe while Indian companies languish at the bottom, shying away from going global, rarely venturing out of their own backyard. There is obviously a reason why US companies have become global brand names while Indian companies don't have brand value abroad. Just consider the case of Dell and HCL in the hardware sector, both established at around approximately the same time, in the early eighties.

Eventually, its important to be comfortable with whatever course you choose. So I would say follow your heart. Names like Wharton and Stanford are more recognised than schools like European School of Economics, and for a reason, namely the superior quality of management education imparted. But as I said before, being able to feel at ease with a particular program is equally, if not more important, one that will determine how well you complete your program.

Dhirubhai Ambani built one of India's leading companies. His sons went to Wharton and Stanford and built some of the world's leading companies. What more proof of the quality of US education do you need?

All the best.

Michelle Said:

I am looking for internship in saudi arabia?

We Answered:

You may not find anything of that nature. A Swiss friend of mine was there for several years as a Radar Technician, maintaining Saudi systems. He was also looking for something very similar to enhance his knowledge and to occupy himself in his spare time with nothing else to do.
For the Middle East, my best advice is to try Israel or Iran since they seem to be more technologically advanced. Good luck

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