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Internship In Usa For International Students

Leon Said:

Can you please help with my resume. 10 points for your help. Thank you?

We Answered:

- I would remove "(Received 100% tuition reimbursement) ". I think it unnecessary.
- Your first to bullets both start with "managing". Maybe you should try a thesaurus and come up with some different descriptive words. You have some other duplicates too. Really try to make those descriptive words pop.
- You'll want to put your most impressive bullets first.
- "•Assisting the long-term projects with the department
" that phrase doesn't make sense.
- under your training, I wouldn't put a comma after the month. (ie. June 2006, not June, 2006)
- What's the SILVER Award for?

Juan Said:

Please help me with my resume (grammar & format) 10 points. Thank you very much.?

We Answered:

Sounds impressive. Your hired. I don't know for what but your hired.

Lorraine Said:

CAN NOT MAKE MISTAKE ANYMORE. 10 points for your kindness helping me. Thank you so much.?

We Answered:

To page........start cutting.........

Gerald Said:

CAN NOT MAKE ANY MISTAKE ANYMORE. 10 points for your kindness helping me.?

We Answered:

Don't forget, we're in a recession, so the odds are you aren't alone. Plenty of people aren't getting their dream jobs! It doesn't mean you aren't a good worker.

I read your OBJECTIVE:

OBJECTIVE Succeeding in a competitive business environment in which I can capitalize on my customer service skills and strong work ethic

"In a competitive business environment" is a bit vague; it could mean you want to be a car salesman, a travel agent or a Starbucks manager. Here are some ideas:

"in the competitive field of restaurant management"

"in the competitive field of fast-food franchises"

"in the field of software design"

"in the field of information storage and management"

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