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Internships For International Students In Usa

Carol Said:

Is it worth the potential high debt to study in Boston, USA as an International Student?

We Answered:

I would say study in your home country since it is a great university too. I don't think it's worth the trouble of all that debt and not being able to find a job. This way, you will feel safe in your studies and be confident you will get a job. Then, you can come to the states and maybe take a class or two that interest you or just visit.

Minnie Said:

will you have time for film internships if you are stuck in an engineering major? PLEASE HELP =[?

We Answered:

CSU Long Beach actually has a respected film program. I might have you look at that school quite seriously. And maybe you can transfer to a UC from there, but maybe you'll like the place and stay put. Again, they have a good film program.

It's not easy to transfer from a Cal State to a UC. It's possible, but it's not at all easy. Be aware of that. It is far, far easier for you to transfer from a community college to a UC. The UC's give preference in admission to graduates of California community colleges. Santa Monica College is a community college. So if transfer to a UC is your goal, Santa Monica might be the better choice.

My suggestion is that you major in computer science - that's your main subject - and do what's called a "minor" in film. A minor, in the US, is a specific sequence of courses in a subject - not as many as for a major, but enough to gain knowledge. Being able to take the classes required by a film minor would give you knowledge in this field.

During your time on campus, get involved in student films and the student-run tv station. You want to gain as much experience in film as you possibly can. You'll use the experience you get on campus, plus your film minor, to get an internship in film. In addition, in LA, there will be the opportunity for you to do volunteer work on local film productions. Do anything they need. In addition, get involved in your professor's film projects. You want to get as much experience in film as you possibly can.

You also want to do a computer science internship. Most internships are done over the summer breaks, so you should be able to fit both a film and a CS internship in. The CS internship is important. If your plan is to stay in the US after you graduate, you will not get a visa to stay here to be a filmmaker, and no film company will be able to sponsor you for a visa. However, if you try to get a job in computer science (maybe even for a film company or in digital media), you likely will be able to find an employer who can sponsor your visa, as the US has a shortage of computer scientists. So you'd stay in the US, work in computer science, and in your free time, make your own films and try to get yourself established in the film industry.

Likewise, if you were to return to your home country, you could use your job in computer science to support yourself, financially, while you try to make it in the film industry.

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