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Internships In Uk For International Students

Maxine Said:

Am I wrong to select parents over Job ?

We Answered:

This is a difficult one .Only you know what is right for you . You have been away from your family 2 years and know how hard this was for you could you stand the extra year away .How important is the money. Are you sending money home to support your family . Would it bring hardship to your family if you are and you could no longer support them.
I value my family above money .You say you can serve the internship in the UK or India so your career is possible either place .You do not say what the internship is in but maybe your skills would be more benefit to the community at home .I as a mother would miss my only child terribly and await the day they returned home .You only have one set of parents and life is too short to be unhappy its not as if you must give up your career for your family you can have both . May be a little less money but its your decision .I am a different culture to you but I think family is more important in your culture than mine so make as many people as happy as possible.

June Said:

What considerations are there for masters application in the US (Columbia SIPA), UK (UCL, LSE) etc?

We Answered:

Your GPA is decent, but it's not high enough to be the only factor. The most important thing you can go now is sit for the GRE or GMAT exam. A very high score will get you into Collumbia with your current GPA and activities/experience.

Vincent Said:

medical internship in Uk?

We Answered: - I found such internship info here. It has lots of internships, job openings and scolarships for college students.

Kim Said:

UK Student - What are my chances?

We Answered:

Just do it. It might be more money but the experience will be worth it, I think. Good luck.

Dana Said:

Looking for a job/internship/volunteering opportunity in the UK for working at an NGO.?

We Answered:

You could try the Youth Mobility Scheme...…

Wayne Said:

Intl Student in UK - Work while studying?

We Answered:

Unless your work was really part of your course, the answer has to be no; you would need a Work Permit, or a Highly Skilled Migrant visa. The point of a student visa is to allow you to study. For a work permit, you would need an employer to apply for you, and you would need to be abroad and to apply for entry clearance once your work permit had been approved. For HSMP, check…

Good luck

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