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Internships In Usa For International Students

Bonnie Said:

Working in the United States as an international student. How hard it is?

We Answered:

Hi Berkley,

Under the student visa program it is expected that you will return to your home country after you complete your studies. If a company states, "Must be authorized to work in the US without sponsorship" it means that they will not sponsor you for a work visa so that you can work in the US. This means the priority they are giving to applications are from those who are most likely US citizens, permanent residents, or those whose authorization to work is not related to them working for a specific company.

Your next question regards including your search for companies that have offices in your home country and are based in the US. The starting point here is to remember is if your goal is to work in the US at a later date by working for an international company then you would need work visa and be able to meet the requirements of the work visa. This means being employed by a US company in your home country does not automatically guarantee that you would be able to work in the US. Second it is important to remember each company operates differently and there is somewhat a disconnect between offices in different countries. This means to some extent they operate independently and if you work for example P & G in your home country there is no guarantee that you could apply for a position in the US.

Third point, you need to realize in the US the unemployment rate just jumped to 9.8% and some argue when you consider the long-term unemployed who are not a part of the statistics the rate is closer to 16%. The point I am trying to make is that the priority for the US is to get US citizens and permanent residents working before giving priority to students who want to remain in the US to work. This means you are graduating at a point when companies, from a PR and economic standpoint, need to hire those who do not need authorization for work first. While I can understand your desire to remain in the US and you may feel a bit frustrated because you feel that you are being overlooked merely due to your immigration status. Nonetheless, my feeling for it most likely mean that you will have to return to your home country after graduation and try to make applications to work in the US because the employment climate is not ready to begin hiring in large volumes foreign students who need a work visa.

Sidney Said:

could i get into kings college london with a gpa of......?

We Answered:

Yes I believe you would be able to get in.

I had applied to Kings with my SAT, SAT II, and ACT results, and I only had to mention the most recent GPA's I had obtained in High School (3.5+) and for College Creditations/Advanced Placements (As I Graduated High School Early and attended College).

It does depend on what course you do wish to study as each department has different basic requirements, however they do take account that your qualifications are from US and as you have a strong track record, you should be accepted.

I would reccommend emailing the admissions tutor for the department you are applying at the same time as applying. Notify them that you are an applicant and that you have US qualifications which you are including in your application.

Some departments interview, some do not. I had a telephone interview for my department (Computing) and it was very relaxed. You should be able to check if they interview on the course page you are applying for.

By the way, good luck with your application also!

Victoria Said:

Can I get into LSE or Kings College London with a GPA of........?

We Answered:

You sure look educated i hope you get in the college

Jo Said:

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing in USA?

We Answered:

Hi, your best information will come from a state board of Pharmacy. You may be required to do additional clinical rotations. I'm not 100% sure if you have to do all of your hours in the US but I believe that some of them must be done here. Sorry I can't be of more help, but like I said any state board will be able to point you in the right direction.

Just as an aside, you don't need to be a Pharmacist to be a drug sales rep. but it does help.

Anne Said:

W9 Form and F1 visa(CPT)?

We Answered:

W9 means that you will not work as emplyee but as independent contractor. Read W2 vs 1099-misc…

When you file joint return (it is always as residents), you are not a dependent. A spouse is never a dependent. It is a joint return. You both report your incomes on the same return.

Clinton Said:

Interview Questions..please help me..its urgent?

We Answered:

Okay you can go online and do a search for "interview questions" and you will find a lot of information especially from places like

A few questions that might be asked are:
(1) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
(2) Why did you pick this field? What do you like about it?
(3) Describe yourself using 5 adjectives
(4) What is your best attribute?
(5) What is your worst charcteristic?

*** Now make sure when you are done with the interview that you follow up with a Thank You either via email or snail mail -- a lot of people over look this step but it is EXTREMEMLY important -- it seals the deal!

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