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Internships International Students

Renee Said:

What are the chances of getting accepted into college as an international transfer students?

We Answered:

If you may want to consider joining a good university for Masters program in USA, your high school grades may not matter; instead, your resume, undergrad degree, work experience, letters of recommendations from faculty/employer and GRE score may be important. You may have a very good chance of getting into a good school and may be even considered for a scholarship if your overall candidature is competitive.

Frances Said:

International Oxford Univ. Students?

We Answered:

The first thing you need to do is try and get a better understanding of the British university system. In this country we don't 'major' and 'minor' in a subject. When we apply to university we apply to study one subject and when we get to university that is all we study. Therefore you can't major in 'pre-med'; you will study medicine instead. There is also much less of a distinction between 'grad school' and 'under-grad school'. Here, if you want to be a doctor there is no separation; you go to university and you study it for 5 or 6 years (depending upon the university) and it's all combined into one.

In terms of other things you can do one of the main things to keep in mind is that unlike American universities (and some British universities) Oxford doesn't like to see a plethora of extra-curricular activities on your cv. Oxford is a very academic institution and too many extra-curricular activities will look as if you're not committed to your academic studies. Of course, a few will make you look like a rounded individual but don't go over board. For now, it would be better to keep your focus on maintaining good grades than getting involved in too many activities.

One of the main things that Oxford likes to see is someone who has a real passion for their subject, beyond that which they are taught at school. Therefore, I'd suggest you get and keep up to date with developments in the medical profession and read things such as journals and periodicals to get a broader understanding of the area. As you're coming from outside the UK it would also be a good idea for you to get a good understanding of what our National Health Service (NHS - we have universal free health care here) is about as this will be highly relevant in this country. Another thing you could do would be to get some work experience in the medical field, such as at a local hospital or in some form of first aid organisation. That will demonstrate that you have really looked into the profession and know exactly what you will be getting yourself into.

Kevin Said:

Internship with organizations in Bangalore dealing with international relations for undergrad students?

We Answered:…

Craig Said:

I am an international student studying journalism. Do you know about any great internships I could apply for?

We Answered:

try local tv stations and newspapers

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