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Japan Scholarships For International Students

Edith Said:

question about living with a host family in japan!?

We Answered:

I'm a second year Japanese major at UCLA, and I'm going abroad for next fall in Japan. I've been to Japan twice, and I stayed with a family for a week as a homestay.

I thought it was an amazing experience, but if you don't know any Japanese, you will find it very difficult. They have certain cultural practices inside the home that Americans just don't have, such as taking off your shoes when you come inside. The family I stayed with knew little English. So unless you learn enough Japanese to be conversational, I'd say live on a campus. Some programs find a family for you to spend some time/weekends with, but you live on a campus, so perhaps look in those?

2. I don't eat too much meat either, but Japan does have some beef chicken dishes and obviously tons of seafood. They weren't too offended when I didn't eat some of a particular dish, but it's polite to try it.

3. Yes! I'd suggest buying something uniquely American, like a snowglobe or magnet with an American site on it. They love Disney stuff. And if you find out the members of your family beforehand you could buy individual things (like a necklace or a shotglass or something). I'd say give it to them at the beginning.

4. Sorry, it's incredibly difficult to find scholarships without heavy limitations on major/level of schooling. I'm looking for some myself.

Best of luck to you!

Terry Said:

I wanna go to school in japan for a year?

We Answered:

well thats different

Julie Said:

University in Japan?

We Answered:

I suggest you look up the Japanese consulate near where you live as they usually have some study abroad program. I listed two Japan scholraships that i tried to apply for before, but i was disqualified because of my age. Too bad for me. Good luck to ya!

Donald Said:

Scholarships for International Students in Japan 2009?

We Answered:

the rhotery club does a few.

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