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Japanese Scholarship For International Students

Frances Said:

Question about Japanese university...?

We Answered:

>as a foreigner will you be able to work in different work places except English teaching(if you know Japanese well)?

It depends on your visa status. But I don't think you can choose jobs so freely as Japanese do.

>"???? (????? ??" and "???? (????? ??"
I think it's the things you need to study for the entrance exam(am i right?)

???? is your major. If you take this exam and pass, you will major ???? in this college.

>what does the '?' and '?'

In fact, this means "1st half" and "2nd half". There are 2 types of selections for this ????. You can choose either one.


?? means math. You have to choose one subject from the followings as these are subject of math


This is the same above. ?? means science. And you have to choose one from the following.

So you have to choose one each from math and science.

>what do they mean by"??????"?

It means an exam conducted by each college. The above ?????? is the common exam for many colleges.

Pauline Said:

where can i find past exam for the entrance to a japanese university?

We Answered:

Usual exams are sold as books.…

But you said government scholarship?

Exams for government scholarship are completely different from the ones Japanese students take.

It's in scholarship site.…

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There are good numbers of Japanese universities which offer scholarship to international students. It is all depend upon the subject what you choose because some subjects don`t have scholarship facility. It is the students wish to choose which one can be good one to him and help him to get nice job after his studies.

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There are a number of scholarship plans being offered by the top most online and on-campus higher education institutions from all over the world. In today’s environment of globalization it is now much easier to access and avail such opportunities. I am currently engage in a scholarship programs at Mount Lincoln University and I am fully satisfied with the overall criteria of their education system for people from abroad.

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