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Japanese Universities For International Students

Dora Said:

Best Japanese University for Asian languages and cultures?

We Answered:

Hi, I'm a Japanese student studying in US.
The all universities you listed are famous in Japan. But generally they are ranked in order of 1.Keio, 2.Waseda, 3.Meiji, 4.Ritsumeikan, 5.Hosei. But it's just general reputation so it also depends on what you wanna study. For example, if you concentrate to study Japanese culture you can chose Ritsumeikan University because only it is placed in Kyoto (others are in Tokyo). You know Kyoto is the most historical city in Japan and you may see many temples and traditions at there. But people in Kyoto speaks in dialect Japanese (sometimes I also elude what they say) so if you wanna get standard Japanese language, you should chose to study at Tokyo.

I'm sorry if my English was wrong

Anthony Said:

Are There Any Good Universities in Japan for International Students?

We Answered:

Look up Tokyo International Univerisity. A friend I know went there for a year with little Japanese and loved it.

Dianne Said:

Japanese students? which school do u think is better? Akita International university or sophia university?

We Answered:

ask in the Japan or Education sections, you'll get a lot more answers.

Herman Said:

Does anyone know of any good international universities?

We Answered:

New Zealand has some good and relatively cheap universities. University of Canterbury is one.

Eugene Said:

which japanese universities offer environment management courses in english?

We Answered:

International Graduate School of Social Sciences,Yokohama National University…

Stanley Said:

tell me japanese universities tht teach in english language for international student?

We Answered:

Sophia University (

Temple University (

Tokyo International University (

visit the sites above to suit your needs...

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