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Job International Students

Ronnie Said:

can international students get a job at nonprofit organizations?

We Answered:

If it's an internship or a volunteer position you're probably fine. But you absolutely need to check with your school before you accept because you do not want to mess up your visa.

If you have filled out any forms about taxes, right-to-work, etc. this is absolutely not okay. A release form, confidentiality agreement, or background check is just fine.

Check with your school.

Alfred Said:

How is current job market for international students who just have completed their masters in Business?

We Answered:

For US job market? on what area of specialties in Business? Does this international student need visa application H1B?

Alexander Said:

Weather any job oppertunities for International students studying in University of Tasmania, Australia?

We Answered:


First of all... have you tried to apply for work in the university? Sometimes the uni needs ppl with overseas background to help them promote internationally.

Secondly, have you tried to apply to different state? I got lots of internaitonal student graduates in Melbuorne and they are applying to other states as well (SA, ACT, NSW, QLD). So maybe you need to try as well. I know there are plenty of international student graduates who got jobs in Melbourne and Sydney... you just haven't tried different states in Australia. Also I think you can apply for resident status after graduation, then you can apply for a job. Contact the DIMIA in your area and check for your eligibility. Also... what sort of marks have u got with your transcript? Remember... you are competing with Australian graduates, so if your marks are weak, then your chance is even less.

Another thing.... what level of study did you do in UTAS? Masters? Have you got previous work experience? If you dont, then it's abit hard to apply for job as well, since the employers will find it hard to justify hiring you with Masters' salary, but u dun have experience. Maybe dun mentioned abt the Masters degree until you got your starting job?

Try these employment websites:,

Good luck on your job hunting :)

Daisy Said:

Can international students attend job fairs?

We Answered:

Well.. I am an international student - in California - and am on a student Visa.
Yes. International students do attend job fairs.

At the last job fair, I met with around 20 companies, out of which around 10 of them are not looking for international applications or those without permanent US work authorization. But, the other companies are open to accepting those on VIsa.
So, it depends on the area you are interested. But, several of my international friends on Visa did get acceptances from the same job fair as well.
Hope this helps.

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