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Jobs For International Students

Clyde Said:

do they have on-campus jobs for international students in the University of Alberta?

We Answered:

What program are you applying to or have you been accepted to? There are some programs in which they won't even accept any students to whom they can't offer support (some engineering programs for example) with a minimum stipend of something over $20,000/year. There are other programs in which they'll accept more students than they can fund, but of course you would need to demonstrate access to sufficient funds in order to get your student visa.

As you can see from the links below, students in lab medicine are typically funded about $17,500 a year. In public health, not all the students have assistantships and the value of the assistantships isn't given on the website.

You should be inquiring directly to the departments you're applying to, and asking how to apply for assistantships.

You can reduce your cost of living significantly by looking for a room in an apartment shared with other students, rather than living alone.

Adrian Said:

can ne1 tell me the scope for international students for jobs after completing masters 4m a good college in US?

We Answered:

In the US or anywhere in the world you'll get good job if you can prove your worth.Job market is low in the US nowadays.For your information around 80% of the students graduating with any degree don't come back after their eduaction.

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