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Jobs In Usa For International Students

Bertha Said:

Which is the right city for an MBA education in USA?

We Answered:

Any large metro would be good. Best choices would be NY, Chicago, LA, San Francisco. These are also the most expensive cities to live in generally. Chicago would be the cheaper of the choices.

Better to check what is being offered by the schools you are interested in. Some schools offer more internships and job placement opportunities. Try University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon (Pittsburg), Univ of Michigan, and Univ of Texas (Austin). They would be a little less expensive as far as cost of living.

Go to the link below for a cost of living index. You can search on Craigslist for the city you are interested in and see some of the prices for apt rental. Cost of food and transportation will depend on you. If you are in Chicago/DC/NY/LA you can use public transportation. If not you mostly will need a car (public transport is not that good in the US in middle sized cities).

Alvin Said:

Why does the USA & Canada invite so many international students?

We Answered:

In Australia international students have to pay their fees upfront and their fees are higher (whilst Aussies can defer their payments, HECS, until they find work after completing their work). In Australia students may be able to get some student allowance too (although they still need to work to make ends meet).

Also they are allowed in on a student visa, and would need to meet other criteria to remain behind in Australia after completing their studies.

Not sure how other countries do it, but this is a way to assist Australians (to a degree anyway).

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