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Language Study Abroad Programs

Roger Said:

best teenage study abroad/language program for language?

We Answered:

Eurocentres isn't bad. I used it for advanced French in the 1970s, and they have a school in Berlin.

Mae Said:

Language Study Abroad Programs?

We Answered:

High school programs are home stay based. If you want a study program where you live in an apartment or on your own, you go through a university.

Most French speaking countries require two years of high school level French before you can apply.

If you are from the US, you can find a list of programs that are certified to operate here at Generally YFU and AFS are reliable and offer summer programs. However, the deadline for this summer might have already passed.

P.S. I agree! I like the Swiss too! I've hosted a couple and been there a few times!

Jerry Said:

Where can I find the best college for many divers language study programs?

We Answered:

My sister and I participated in the most amazing program in the most beautiful and safe beach resort in Spain called Santander. The program was so well organized and planned out so smoothly that we loved it there. Castilian is spoken and also we were so busy all the time with so many fun activities, so enriching we learned lots! We would attend classes in the morning mostly conversational and in the afternoons we had activities such as a bullfight, dance classes, a dinner out at the fishermen´s quarter, boat excursion... and then once a week there was a full day excursion to beautiful places of great interest such as the Guggenheim Museum, a hike along a Roman Route, middle age village, fishermen´s quarter, etc... all while living with a wonderful and caring host family. The greatest thing about this program is that they offer the possibility, only if your choice at no extra cost of coming with a friend to stay with, at same host family home, although if you want to live on your own that is possible, too. Also, they can guarantee for you to stay in a host family who has kids similar in age as you. It´s a fantastic program and I cannot stress enough the wonderful staff, the great classes, and the nice people. We also had time to go to the beach each day! As it is a beach resort, just right there. It´s fantastic that not many people know about this still undiscovered spot in Spain! Have fun and good luck. And the program is

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