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List Of Universities In Canada For International Students

Jacob Said:

Which uni in Canada for undergrad ECE?

We Answered:

Queen's University and University of British Columbia are the best ones

Elmer Said:

Canada Education System! Help?

We Answered:

As long as you have transcripts from a university that is recognized by Canada, you shouldn't have a problem continuing your university degree. They might have you take an exam to decide where to place you in your program, 1st, 2nd, 3rd year, etc.

Wanda Said:

Computer Science University Major in Canada?

We Answered:

For computer science the two best are Toronto and Waterloo. Of those you list all are respectable universities with UBC being the only one among them which makes "top 50 in the world" rankings. But you could get a good education at any of those. You might possible in part make you decision as much on the basis of where you want to live in Canada.

Good luck.

Roberta Said:

HELP!Information Technology degree in Canada?

We Answered:

There are over 100 students

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