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Loans For International Students Uk

Aaron Said:

Supporting my studies- study in USA or UK?

We Answered:

To obtain a foreign student visa, you must prove you have sufficient funds to pay for all of your school expenses, AND all of your living expenses, plus your transportation back to your own country upon completion or termination of studies. Financial aid is almost impossible to come by - in the US last year, only 8% of foreign students received any financial aid (unless they received financial aid in their own country). No funds = no visa.

It costs US citizens on average over $250,000 for 4 years of college, and many Americans either live at home to cut living costs, go to community college for 2 years then transfer, or do other things to keep their costs low, so that average is deceptively low. So you certainly need to plan on spending at least that as a foreign student since you will not be living at home, etc. Living costs alone will run at least US$2000/month, at least $3000-4000/month in any large city, just for rent, food, utilities, household expenses, transportation to campus, health insurance, laundry, personal care & personal expenses, and such. Then there are all the school expenses, clothing, transportation to US/UK and back home again, etc. Winter clothes get to be a big expense! That's if you are very frugal and very smart about money.

Foreign students cannot borrow money while in the US/UK, and they are NOT eligible for student loans. Your parents would have to save up enough money for your education or borrow the money.

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