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Loans International Students

Hector Said:

loans-international students in US?

We Answered:

You cannot get *federal* student loans -- and it looks like you know that. There are scholarships and private loans available. Be sure to ask your schools about programs they have for international students.

The private loans will require a creditworthy U.S. citizen cosigner (and will have higher rates than the government loans available to U.S. citizens). Banks, student loan lending agencies, and your school are sources for private loans. Shop around for rates and terms at the big competitive names, but they don't vary by much.

Jane Said:

Does anybody know if they give loans for international students??

We Answered:

You're better off trying scholarships. Many corporations offer outside scholarships.

I found a current scholarship contest from Phone Cards that's available for International Students.

Sounds cool and here's the URL if you want to check it out:…

Leah Said:

Loans for international students?

We Answered:

one of these would know.... contact them directly and ask.


Brent Said:

What US universities offer loans to international students?

We Answered:

Check these out! Good luck!……

Evelyn Said:

Are international students able to get students loans from the country they would like to study in?

We Answered:

There are so many uses for old secured personal loans, and the chances are you will be able to get one quickly and easily. It's a common idea that only homeowners can get loans from finance companies. That just isn't true, most people can apply for, and receive an unsecured personal all kinds of uses. You can get loans from a few hundred pounds, up to £25,000, unsecured. These loans can be used to buy a new car, a holiday abroad, a new kitchen, the latest cell phone available, or just about anything<!--else. It is a true that you will probably pay more interest than a homeowner who takes out a secured loan. But on the other hand, they have to take out a second mortgage to get their hands on the money.

With an unsecured loan, you don't need anything, apart from the application form and a good broker. All kinds of people can apply for unsecured loans, tenants, young people, retired people, people with good and bad credit, you can even get a same-->day loan, and some companies let you apply online. The interest rate you pay will be made very clear to by the broker before you sign anything. As will the amount of the monthly payment, and how long you have to make those payments for. Any quality broker will go out of his way to make sure you understand these rules.

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