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Mba For International Students

Casey Said:

What's the best MBA program for International Students in Eastern USA?

We Answered:

In my opinion: The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

The rankings are no different for international students than they are for US students. Most of the better MBA programs are on the East Coast. You can view MBA rankings at US News or BusinessWeek. The links are below.

Casey Said:

As a fresh MBA International student to study in UK what loan or grant can I apply for?

We Answered:

yes!!!! but some english u will be gave. if u clear that exam then u go for it.

Jane Said:

Which uni's in USA have funding for international students for MBA?

We Answered:

this site will help http://www.thestudentloanconsolidationgu…

Leroy Said:

total cost of study n living in uk for mba for international students?

We Answered:

Which universities do you plan to attend?

If you plan to go to London, it's going to be very expensive, around £100 ($204) a week for accommodation, and around £60 elsewhere. Plus you have to pay a lot for your student visa and whenever you renew it.

For your accommodation and general living cost you should budget around £6000 ($12,257.98) a year, and I should warn you about the NHS: it sucks. Make sure the university you're going to has a campus surgery.

All British universities list their fees on their webpages (…
Tuition fees for a MBA vary from £7000 ($14,299.64 ) up to £31,260 ($63,860.49).

So I guess the total cost for a year would be anywhere between $26 000 and $75 000.

You should consider Canadian and Australian universities, it's usually cheaper than the UK.

Bryan Said:

how much does an MBA cost for international students in the university of delaware?

We Answered:

There is no need to ask your question more than once.

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