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Money For Study Abroad

Jean Said:

What is the best way to raise money to study abroad?

We Answered:

Apply for any and all scholarships. Usually study abroad programs are through your school so any scholarship which pays for your tuition will cover the tuition for the study abroad program you are participating in. There are also many study abroad specific scholarships available for students. Your school should have a study abroad or financial aid website/ office which will help you find these scholarships. Good luck.

Gina Said:

How can i make enough money to study abroad for highschool?

We Answered:…

This is the AFS fundraising ideas list and there are lots of ideas! :)

Lucy Said:

How do i raise money for study abroad program?

We Answered:

Here are some suggestions:…
Good luck!

Tim Said:

Does Fafsa give you more money to study abroad than just if your going to college in the United States?

We Answered:



In fact, you can only use your Federal Student Aid at the limited number of schools that are participants in the Federal Student Aid program. Before you think about applying to study overseas, you'll need to make sure that you are looking at FSA eligible schools.

However - even if you are studying at an FSA eligible school - you're not going to get more money from the federal aid program to enable it. Think about that for a minute, and you'll understand why.

An aid program that was designed to reward students for selecting the most expensive possible school options would be a financial disaster for the taxpayers. For the most part, your aid eligibility has very little to do with where you decide to attend school, and what that school costs.

A student with an EFC of 3000, let's say, would receive pretty much the exact same amount of federal student aid if they chose to attend their local state university than they would if they chose to attend an expensive private school, or a big name state university in another state. Students do not get additional money from the government because they want to attend an expensive school.

That student would receive the same $5500 Stafford loan, and the same $2400 Pell, no matter where they decided to attend school.

If you're thinking "wow, that's not going to pay for much of the $50,000 program that I really hope to attend in Zurich!" (or whatever), you're exactly correct. It's not. Nor is it intended to. As I said - your federal aid eligibility is pretty much the same no matter where you go.

Perhaps your foreign school would have institutional aid to offer international students (diversity is something that the best schools all strive for), but you're not going to be getting a boost from the Federal Student Aid program.

I'm sorry for the disappointing news. Good luck to you!

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