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Ms In Usa

Claudia Said:

Hi im planning to do ms in usa . I want to know about the job opportunities there?

We Answered:

USA is a best place for your higher education as US is famous for its quality education. The kind of exposure and knowledge that you will get over there will be exemplary. But be sure to choose the best college for your course as it matters a lot. Just go through the link below to find one of the top universities of USA for your career program.

Olga Said:

I am Indian,staying in MS,USA want to travel Canada.How can I get a visa?Do I need2go NY 2face visa interview?

We Answered:

You have two issues here:
1) Entering Canada
2) Returning to the US

First check with the Indian embassy they may have an official who's job it is to help with exactly these issues.

If you are on your own you can start with US Homeland Security…

Once you are sure you can reenter the US find out about entering Canada you can start with:…

Sonia Said:

I am from India,student of JSU,Jackson,MS, USA. How can I get or make a girlfriend here? ?

We Answered:

Join some clubs/organizations that interest you. You'll meet lots of new people and more than likely make lifelong friends.
P.S. I live in MS as well. Good luck!

Clyde Said:

Can our baby stay in USA while we do MS in USA?

We Answered:

Your application for a visa will ask you whether you have dependents. This is where your baby will be included on the visa application and naturally you will be able to take your baby along to the USA for the duration of your studies.

Hope this helps.

Yvonne Said:

I want to pursue MS (USA) in Computer Science Can you Suggest me Which Field is in demand?

We Answered:

This depends on what your goals are. Do you want to be a hands on techie for most of your career (study software ngineering and design, heavy on database), or do you want to cut through the field work quickly and move in to management (study software design, data telecommunication and lots of accounting/finance)?

Most importantly pick a field that genuinely interests you, or you won't be able to stay at it long enough to make your money.

Warren Said:

Is there NON-Computer Science MS courses available in USA universities for a student with computer background?

We Answered:

Yes, you can take any masters program that you're interested in. You'll have to take the basic level courses and work your way through those classes, but you can definitely pick a different area of study for your masters program.


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