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Multi Country Study Abroad

Linda Said:

what can I do to make my life more interesting?

We Answered:

I'm 15 and born into a Christin family.Trust in Christ. I used to be like you. But, I accepted Christ. Now, even in bad times I trust Him to make things better. Just by knowing the fact that he loves me, I'm happy. All you need for happiness is Him.

Andrew Said:

Does anyone know of any multi-country study abroad programs?

We Answered:

Check and see if your university is a member of ISEP. ISEP has member institutions all over the world in some really neat places, and allows you to do two consecutive semesters in two different countries! Right now I'm on exchange in S. Korea, and next semester I'll be in Japan. It's been amazing so far! :)

If your university is a member, you are able to apply to any of the international universities they are partnered with.

Corey Said:

Why don't we intern Muslims?

We Answered:

because when they get angry they really blow up!

(see what i did there?)

Ray Said:

Would you help me to improve my ENGLISH paragraph?

We Answered:

This is the best I could do given all you've put in here.

My ten year goal to reach mid-level management is broken down in two year increments. The first two years after finishing studies At GE, I expect to be in either the automobile or aircraft manufacturing industries. I will specifically try to work in R&D, or project coordination for a French enterprise corporation in China since this is where the most rapid development in manufacture in China. This is also where the greatest shortage of trained engineers with experience in both countries, and where I enjoy a great advantage thru my qualifications gained at GE. In five to eight years I will have shown that I was ideally suited to this role; and having used my background and abilities of working in a multi-cultural environment would be an excellent candidate to be transferred to a position abroad in an engineering/manufacturing field. Having worked with many cultures in two countries, and learned from all who I worked with a global perspective in management the best approach towards new business and product development I fully expect to be in mid-level management by year ten. At which point I believe that I will concerning myself with engineering excellence and not geographic concerns; I expect to be where I want to be, in France.

Dorothy Said:

are there any study abroad schools around the world in high school?

We Answered:

Check it out on the internet. i'm sure there are schools like that, because i'm pretty sure every school does the study abroad thing
Good luck!

Calvin Said:

Anyone know a good study abroad program?

We Answered:

Studying abroad would give one an awesome exposure, a total new dimension to your personality and help build your confidence and communication skills. Visit for complete information and free help on study abroad programs

Javier Said:

Why don't we intern Muslims?

We Answered:

The better question is "why would we?".

"America, and the principles for which she stands, democracy and freedom, are at war with Islam. "

Faulty premise.

"Islam's clearly stated objectives and goals in the Koran are in clear conflict with those of America. "

So are Christianity's.

"The Japanese internment during WW2 should serve as a shining example of how effective this solution was. I don't recall any terrorist attack on U.S. soil during the internment."

I got my lucky hat on September 12, 2001. There hasn't been a terrorist attack since. Surely my lucky hat has kept us safe for nearly a decade. I feel the entire nation owns me a big thank you.

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