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New Zealand Scholarships For International Students

Betty Said:

Graduate Diploma in New Zealand or Masters in UK?

We Answered:

Some Australian and New Zealand universities offer a postgraduate ... There are a number of postgraduate diplomas available in England and Wales. ... It is also possible for graduate diploma holders to progress to a Master's degree. ...

Lorraine Said:

Do you know of schools that take international students to play football?

We Answered:

YES, my high school is very interested in football players, Avon Old Farms. We take kids from all around the world. Most of the kids on the team are american, but we do have a couple kids from Europe, so you have a chance. Anyways you should check it out, you won't be able to get in untill next year, but thats ok, we only give scholarships to Jr's and Seniors unless your a really good freshmen or sophmore

of corse, you can also play on our JV team, if he does that, he'd be playing with me. We don't give scholarships for the JV team though

heres the site,

just know our football team is GOOD, we have 5 players going collage, so theres competition

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