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Off Campus Work Permit For International Students

Morris Said:

international student to become permanent resident?

We Answered:

Your best bet would be to speak with someone from CIC.

As for your question about whether a Canadian would pay international tuition rates for US universities, of course we would. Canada and the US are different separate countries. Why would you think you would pay domestic tuition in the US?

Alma Said:

Expenses for an International Student in Canada?

We Answered:

Without knowing which university you're hoping to study at, it's going to be nearly impossible to give you a "definite and clear answer". Rents, food costs, etc are not the same across the country. Knowing where you hope to be would make it much easier to give the answer you're looking for.

Roger Said:

International student working off campus quiting the job?

We Answered:

I think that Chuckles misunderstood your point: you have been working illegally while in the US on a student visa. If ICE finds out, you will be deported. However, the IRS does not talk to ICE so you will probably get away with it. You need to leave the job asap and not break the law again. Of course, if you get a work visa and the immigration officer asks you if you have worked in the US, you will have to make a decision as to what you do.

Juan Said:

F1 student works off campus?

We Answered:

If you want to work off campus legally, you need to submit form I-765 to CIS to apply for permission to accept employment. If that application is approved, you can work off-campus not to exceed 20 hours a week when school is in session. Your DSO can help you with the application.

Because you violated the terms of your admission by working without permission, you are now out of status. You must submit form I-539 requesting reinstatement to student status. Once the I-539 is approved, you can submit the I-765 to apply for employment authorization.

You need to do several things the first of which is to quit your off-campus employment before you get caught, arrested and deported. Don't you believe that it is foolish to jeopardize your education by making your self deportable?

In addition to being foolish, you are very unethical. You have knowingly violated the terms of your admission. When you applied for your F-1 visa, you submitted documentation attesting to the fact that you had sufficient funds to support yourself while in school without needing to accept employment. Did you deceive the visa officer?

Dwight Said:

Where do you see the "code" on a Canadian work permit?

We Answered:

This should help

Carolyn Said:

Working with a F-1 Student VISA off campus - Economic Hardship?

We Answered:

you can visit the official website of USCIS regarding F-1 Student Employment Off-Campus. you will get your answers there. good luck.……

Bernice Said:

I lost my Job today and I am an international student.?

We Answered:

--->Start looking seriously for jobs on campus.
--->Talk to your friends, acquaintances, other international students, and basically everyone u know to keep an eye out for vacant positions for you.
--->I have known several international students who worked in gas stations to make extra money. Maybe you can try that route.

Can't think of anything else right now. All the best! Don't despair. Keep will find something.

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