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Opt For International Students

Bobby Said:

What do international students prefer to study for, IELTS or TOEFL?

We Answered:

TOEFL has been around longer (since 1964) while IELTS is relatively new (1989 onwards). That alone is enough for the former to be a lot more famous, talked about and to have been taken by more people. Although IELTS has been gaining more and more candidates each year, TOEFL is still the No. 1 English exam in terms of popularity.

TOEFL is also cheaper, takes less time to be sat (3-4 hours, only one day, IELTS is a bit longer) and results get to you more quickly (by a matter of days, but still).

Billy Said:

Can students of the International Baccalaureate opt for a BBA after giving their 12 std exams?

We Answered:

Yes u can opt (not sure about subjects)

Alfredo Said:

International Students F-1 visa OPT help?

We Answered:

OPT = Optional Practical Training. This is a paying job that is directly related to the degree you got or are in the process of getting. You can do it for 1 year.

It's a JOB. You get paid for working.

Betty Said:

how do international students file for a opt?

We Answered:

Contact your International Student Office.

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