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Opt International Student

Marc Said:

I am an international student and from Jan 3 I will be on OPT status, What will be my fee structure?

We Answered:

sorry I don't know just need the two points

Grace Said:

International student on OPT wanting to get the green card?

We Answered:

Follow up with that interviewer and get more details. Employer sponsorship is one of the ways to get a Green Card without having family in US.

The H-1b is a decent visa category, but the Green Card gives far more options. If the job offer was one you are willing to accept and they will sponsor you for a GC then go for it. Accepting Permanent Resident status does not require you to stay in US for the rest of your life. Nor does it require you to leave after a set period as the H-1b does :)

You will be able to travel freely. You will want to apply for a Re-entry Permit if staying out of US more than 6 months at a time, but for trips lasting less than 6 months at a time, a Green Card is your re-entry document.

For answers from people who are dealing with US immigration now, go to
They will be able to answer most of your questions.

On the visa bulletin all Employment Categories are showing Unavailable until Octiober first. This is due to the processing of back logged petitions. Just before they got the order to clear the backlog they were showing all categories of Employment Visa as Current. So I'd guess you have a pretty good chance of getting a visa number immediately.

God Bless

Becky Said:

What does a small business need to do to hire an international student who has OPT. What is salary requirement?

We Answered:

You pay them the same rate you would if they were a US citizen. Ask the school for other requirements since the job must be in their field of study and be approved by DHS.

The only difference is if they are on an F-1 visa and have been in the US less than 5 years, you don't have to withhold Fica/Mc or FUTA. (You still withhold income tax and at a higher rate than a US citizen.)

Steve Said:

Whether we get OPT/EAD after online MBA by international student?

We Answered:

As far as I know answer is No. However you may need to check at USCIS website for detailed information

Hector Said:

What is the OPT for international students on f-1 visas?

We Answered:

1) see your OISS or equivalent

Vivian Said:

Being a international student on OPT which tax form should I file? Can i do e-file?

We Answered:

1040 NR
1040 NR-EZ, consult tax lawyer

e-file: NO

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