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Part Time Jobs In London For International Students

Colleen Said:

Can anyone help me with this intern job application Fashion / Graphic Designer?

We Answered:

What you have already put sounds good, always back up what you say though. For example; I love fashion and through my part time work as a shop assistant I was able to provide customers with fashion and style tips.
Go through the application and then give an example of how you can or have already done everything they are after...that way you tick all the boxes!

Good Luck

Clayton Said:

Average number of hours worked in a week by a student in the UK? (College student)?

We Answered:

Hi Meggan,

I have read your question several times and after rereading it I am not sure if you are asking how much you need to save for a program to study in the UK or what the rules are about working in the UK. My reply is based on the more logical reply based on your title of your question which regards working as a student in the UK.

Under the UK student visa, Tier 4, you are only allowed to work a total of 20 hours a week during term time and a total of 40 hours outside of term time. However if you are not attending a program that is more than a year then there are further restrictions on the number of hours worked. This means working in the UK is meant to defray costs of attending school and not to pay for it. Provided you are able to find part-time work you would expect to make between £5.80 - £7 / hr (approximately) $9 - $11 / hr due to the fact most of the jobs are in low paying service jobs. So working during term time at 20 hours you can expect to make approximately $180 gross pay or about $150 net (depending on your tax status).

In addition the cost for an international student in the UK to attend a university varies by the school. Depending on the school and the program it will cost you, based on current exchange rates, between $14,000 - $40,000 per year for tuition. In addition the Tier 4 visa for university students require up to an $11,000 as money to support yourself while at school. This excludes any airfare for you to return back to the US for a visit.

Finally because you are in the US you will most likely not qualify for UK student aid. This means you will have to secure your finding in the US. I am not sure if student loans would cover it or not. That is something for you to research and I hope I have given you the information you needed.

Mae Said:

Can anyone help me with this intern job application Fashion / Graphic Designer?

We Answered:

You need to be confident of yourself.You are good to go

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