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Phd In Canada For International Students

Gwendolyn Said:

PHD Computer Science in University of Victoria Canada?

We Answered:

Yes you can apply before you finish your masters. Yes it is difficult to get in. It depends if your research needs line up with the needs of the school. You may not get a tuition waver if they do not.

The PhD takes as long as it takes to get your academic requirements and finish a dissertation.

My Canadian daughter is getting her PhD is getting her PhD at a US university and she will have her academic requirements finished at the end of her first year (this year) and one more year to finish her dissertation. Her advantage was she knew what to do her dissertation on before she started. It was approved while she was on a fellowship while getting her masters.

They normally take 4 years though.

Sue Said:

Hi, I have an arts graduate friend, who wants to do a PhD or MA in USA, UK, Canada or Australia. How to apply?

We Answered:

I suggest you visit the website of the university you'd like to attend. They should have a department or college webpage that details the application process and what they require. Read it carefully and follow its instructions. Also, don't be afraid to e-mail the head of the department or the head of graduate studies with any specific questions you have about their program and/or the application process.

As far as liberal arts programs in the U.S. go, yes, vacancies exist for international students, and the GRE and TOEFL (if English isn't your native language) are typical requirements. However, some departments might be phasing out the GRE requirement; more and more departments are finding the GRE useless and not a good measure of talent. Most of the time, a liberal arts department will not accept you if they cannot fund you, so yes, some sort of financial support (e.g., assistantship, fellowship, etc.) would likely be available to you if you were accepted.

Good luck!

Timothy Said:

Which university is better for getting PHD degree in canada ?

We Answered:

"PhD"--not "PhD degree"

Floyd Said:

How Am I Supposed To Pay For My Master's Degree And My Doctorate?

We Answered:

Apply for financial aid. If the government deems you as "in need of aid" then you will recieve grant money (free money which you don't have to pay back because you are poor).

Here is the website, it is called FAFSA for short.

Bessie Said:

Obtaining permanent residency as an international PhD student?

We Answered:

Yes, it does.…

This is list of qualified occupations. Yours is on page 8 below.…

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