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Postgraduate Scholarships International Students

Billie Said:

what will it take to educate the great masses of poor families and street kids in africa (Zambia).?

We Answered:

I was living in Zambia not long after independence. I remember the great potential of the country. The fertile soil, the mineral deposits, and the early years of UNIP. There was a dedicated teacher in the bush where I was, and the children responded. What alkl countries need are dedicated, brave, hardworking teachers with the youngest students.

Bobby Said:

Am I doing the right thing?

We Answered:

I second your response to WiM: Wow.

*He* helped make that child. I'm assuming he knows that if he sticks it in, it can create children....

He's probably scared and overwhelmed. That would explain the childish behavior - defense mechanisms. Which means that he might eventually get past that fear and change completely.

Of course, it can be hard to address fear openly with guys, since they've been told since childhood that they're not *supposed* to be afraid of anything. But I think if you can find a way to get past his defenses and talk about what he's feeling deep down, that can only be productive.

I just really admire you - you're obviously not in the ideal situation for a pregnancy, but I have every confidence that you will be very happy with the result! :-)

Norman Said:

Can I take a student loan as an international student and a non US citizen from US banks?

We Answered:

The most important tip that can be offered is to do the research on your own. Student financial aid offices are supposed to be there to help you. They should tell you the information you need to know, help you get a loan, etc. Unfortunately research into financial aid offices has shown that some college offices only provide certain student loans. The lenders may offer the financial aid office incentives in order to get more students signed up.

Several students in the past have found out too late that the loan they took out was not the "best" option as the financial aid offices touted. Not all offices do this, but you must be aware of it. This is why researching on your own as well as asking for help is the best thing you can do. You need to research the private lenders to determine who has the best repayment options and how their deferment plan may work.

Derek Said:

Where in United Kingdom can I get student loan of 50% of my Master's course fee in a Scotland University?

We Answered:

search from google search engine. go to :

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