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Brett Said:

Should I send my son to a middle college high school or a IB high school?

We Answered:

Go to middle college high. That is better than AP because it does not provide college credit at high school by passing AP exams, you do actual college subjects. For example med schools will not accept AP results - students that go that path repeat the subjects at college. Also since you usually get a combined HS diploma and Associates at the same time you get the option of either getting in as a freshman at prestigious schools (such schools only count you as a transfer student if you did the subjects after getting a HS diploma) or going straight to junior year at a possibly less prestigious school. This gives you more options.


Janice Said:

How do I get more involved in Geography? Are there any Geography organizations?

We Answered:

talk to your proffs, they are likely to have travled this road and be the best advice on how you can get more involved. maybe you can help them with something, go to conferences or other college sponsored activities. Your advisor or a proff you're close to/ like more / likes you should be your first resource for this. ask them if they're a member of any organisations, how they got immersed in it, if they have any ideas on how you can get the most out of your education, if they have job connections or know a place that could give you a good experiences. And go to each proff and ask them, what do I need to do to learn the most I can in your class?

Hey, that's what I did, and even in classes of over 400, they all knew my name and were easier to talk to if i ever needed help, because they knew i cared before i started failing.

Joan Said:

What plan should I do If 17 in the 9th grade?

We Answered:

This is a question that depends on far more than just you being behind in school. Talk to your school advisor if you have one. They will be able to point you in the right direction. If you do not have one, ask the teachers you like and your friends.

Ken Said:

How Difficult is it to get into Melbourne medical school?

We Answered:

The best thing to do is to schedule a campus visit and ask from there.

Is Melbourne Medical School a top-notch school? If so, you'll probably need a 90% average or higher in your first year to even be considered. U of T and McGill in Canada are the best medical schools (according to an annual ranking by maclean's magazine) and an average of 95% or higher is required for the U of T medical school.

Not really sure about the Austrialian system, but I hope that helps.

June Said:

Doesn't this article disgust you all, why we fund private schools is beyond me? (australians only)?

We Answered:

The stupid believe in government funding of private schools is to keep school fees down so that the schools are more accessible so those who earn a pittance can send their kids there.
I live in an area where there are 4 private schools the cheapest is (or at least was) $550 a term, If you have more than 1 kid it gets very expensive. At this 'cheap' school all excursions are compulsory & the only place to get the uniform is from the school it self. The most expensive school is thousands upon thousands a year.
A few years ago 1 of the schools received funding for a fully equipped gym & indoor heated pool. The condition for the development was for public access to the facility at a reasonable price. I've never been but apparently it is quite affordable.
I once dated a private school girl & talk about snotty her & her snotty little bast#rd mates from the other private schools had such a superiority complex.
1 school I went to was in such poor condition that some students were scared to go to class or use the undercover walkways in fear of structural collapse. In the 6mths I attended the school I think the only 'repairs' were replacing blown lightbulbs & oiling a squeaky gate.

Australia's education system is a joke. Something else of note is that it costs more for overseas students to study here at uni & in general Australian Uni costs more than most other countries.
The government needs to wake up & spend wisely.

Eleanor Said:

Do I qualify for Immigration to Canada if I only have 2 years of college in Canada?

We Answered:

Canada has many classes of immigration.

If you already have more than 67 points on the skilled worker self assessment, you can apply as a federal skilled worker and have permanent residency in Canada from the day you arrive there. However, this class of immigration generally takes a while to process. You can see the processing times by visa office at… are anywhere from 1 to 7 years depending on where you live.

You can get a student visa for now and apply for PR as a skilled federal worker from within Canada. Your application would be sent to Buffalo and take something like 18 months to process.

Of if you complete a 2 year program, you could apply for a 3 year work permit after that, see…

After one year of working, you can also apply under this new immigration class:…

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